The passion

Meriem and Leila El Hajouji have been raised in the universe of high jewelry and elegance. Where was born their passion for luxury, the magnificent and the beautiful. So, they naturally developed an inborn tendency for creation, design, jewels and outfit esthetics.
While they were knee-high to a grasshopper, they had the challenge to dress their dolls. Later, they started personalizing their own outfits kindling the marvel of their relatives.
Artists in the soul, talented and creatives, the sisters El Hajouji push their passion to the bottom, launching Rafinity Haute Couture, a concept that exalts the traditional outfit, by enhancing the character and the originality.

Rafinity Haute Couture, a concept, a symbol

The enthusiasm for the first collection of the sisters El Hajouji signs the advent of the concept Rafinity Haute Couture, an emblematic brand that seduces by its innovative approach as well as its faithfulness to the identity and to the Moroccan authenticity values. The brand pushes the design of the outfits to the top, the ancestral skills and quality demanding.

Two born creators

On march the 8th 2017, Meriem and Leila El Hajouji revealed to the public their first traditional Haute-couture Collection. Made of exclusive dresses, the collection adopts both authenticity and modernity codes.

Each piece is a magnificent handcraft fusion connecting design, embroidery and trimmings by unique golden thread. Inspired from the ancestral heritage and the Moroccan identity, the collection magnifies the work of the handcrafters, and establish succesfully a 100% Moroccan look on the market.

The showroom, a magic case

The Haute couture creations of the sisters El Hajouji had blown their first clients at the private show. The passion for this line pushed Meriem and Leila El Hajouji to propose new breathtaking collections in a small shop or during private sales.

It’s forward a case of luxury and refinement that receives the Haute Couture collection of the sisters El Hajouji. In fact, in 2019, the two creators launched the showroom at Rafinity headquarter, where they installed a workshop for their own creations.